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Z-CoiL Freedom Women’s Open Coil (Black, Numeric_7)


  • A patented coil in the heel reduces impact by 50%, reducing foot, leg and back pain.
  • A built-in rigid orthotic protects and supports your foot, eliminating foot pain, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs.
  • Extra cushioning is added in the front of the shoe to protect the ball of your foot and toes.
  • A wide toe box, forefoot flex line and a rocker bottom create a natural walking motion while relieving joint pain and pressure.
  • Half sizes not available, order the next size up. Example: Men’s 9.5 should order a Men’s 10. An extra ½ size insert is provided for a comfortable fit.

Electrodepot 40 Amp 12 Pole (4 Pole x 3) Normally Open, 110-120VAC Coil (Silent Operation), Motor Load 40A and Lighting Load 63A Contactor Bundle with 8″ DIN Rail and 2 Number 10 Screws


  • BUNDLE CONTENT: 6 ITEMS – Three (3) 40A 4 Pole Normally Open (NO) Contactors with power status indicator; one (1) compatible Slotted Steel Zinc Plated 35mm x 200mm DIN Rail and two (2) stainless steel truss head screws (#10, 1/2″) for immediate home or industrial installation
  • CONTACTOR APPLICATIONS – Lighting, motor or switching. AC-1 for resistance furnaces, incandescent lamps or electric heaters; and AC-3 for air conditioners, compressors or fans. 24/120/220/277 V, with an energy saving, silent and no humming coil
  • COIL VOLTAGE AND LOAD – Contactor IEC 400V. Coil Voltage 110/120VAC, 50/60 Hz; Coil load Inrush 52VA, Sealed 10VA. Inductive/Motor Load: 40Amp, Resistive/Incandescent Load: 63Amp. DC Load: 30Amp @ 24VDC. Compatible with 15 Amp, 20 Amp, 30 Amp, 32 Amp, 40 Amp, 50 Amp, 60 Amp and 63 Amp loads. Power Lug Terminal Capacity AWG # 4
  • OTHER CONTACTOR DETAILS – Contactor type NO with 4 poles, power status indicator. IEC AC Rate: AC-1; 10 kW, AC-3; 8 kW. Electric e strength: 4 kV. Operating Temperature -30…+70 °C (-22…+158 °F). Dimensions (approx.): 54 x 64 x 84 mm / 2.1” x 2.5” x 3.3” (Length x Width x Height)
  • DIN RAIL – Standard mounting support for any electromechanical component, including contactors, using the DIN specifications adopted by European (EN) and international (IEC) standards. Standard width 34.9mm (1.375”) length 200mm (7.87”) and thickness 5mm (0.2”).

Quality is a technical term. In fact, quality means that a open coil product can be used well.

The main methods of quality control are: First, the company has quality requirements for suppliers, and suppliers must also strictly control themselves.

The second is the internal quality inspection of the company before and after the open coil production process is completed.

Third, there are customers who check their own requirements. Customer satisfaction with your open coil product is a more substantial measure of how good it is.

The quality of this open coil product is not high, the price is good and very reasonable.

Our approach is to achieve customer satisfaction in all aspects, high quality open coil products, delivery time, and service attitude.

We will continue to work hard on innovation and improvement.


Electrodepot 60 Amp 4 Pole Normally Open IEC 400V Contactor (Silent Operation) – 110-120VAC Coil, Inductive 40A, Resistive 60A with Mounting Base for DIN Rail


  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY COMPONENTS – 60Amp 4 Pole Normally Open (NO) General Purpose Contactor for home and industrial uses, compatible with 35mm DIN rails, with power status indicator. Complies with IEC/EN standards for consistent and reliable installation
  • APPLICATIONS – Lighting, motor or switching. AC-1 for resistance furnaces, incandescent lamps or electric heaters; and AC-3 for air conditioners, compressors or fans. 24/120/220/277 V, with an energy saving, silent and no humming coil
  • FULL AMP LOAD – Inductive/Motor Load: 40Amp. Resistive/Incandescent Load: 60Amp. DC Load: 30Amp @ 24VDC
  • COIL VOLTAGE AND LOAD – Voltage: AC 110V/120V, 50/60Hz. Load: 52 VA Inrush and 10VA Sealed
  • DIMENSIONS (approx.) – 54 x 85 x 67 mm / 2.2” x 3.3” x 2.5” (Width x Height x Depth)

WUTA Spring Money Clip Bar Brass+Stainless Steel Bar Slim Leather Wallet Craft Supplie Open Coil Cash Holder Clamp,Gold(Pack of 5)


  • Material: Brass & steel, Adopting premium electroplating steel material, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high performance of durability and stability
  • Color for choose: Gold,5 pcs money clips
  • Perfect to extend extra space to hold your cash, bills and some other essential notes
  • Practical and durable ,Ideal replacement part for your old or broken money clips
  • Smooth finish, solution for storing your credit cards and cash with style

40 Amp 4 Pole Contactor Normally Open (N/O) 120V Coil, 32A Motor, IEC 63A, 40A DIN


  • Rated Current : 63A;Ue : 400V; Number of Poles : 4
  • Mounting Type : 35mm DIN Rail Mount;Overall Size(Approx.) : 60 x 55 x 67mm / 2.4″ x 2.2″ x 2.7″(L*W*T)
  • 110 – 120 VAC, Coil: 52VA inrush, 10VA sealed
  • Normally Open (N.O.) main contacts Power status indicator
  • DIN rail included, Compliance: CE, and IEC/EN61095 DIN

Advantages of buying branded open coil products

A strong brand will stand behind their product 100%. They want nothing less than success for their customers because they know that if people love them then there will be repeat business which means profit for years down the road. Brands that only care about making money now are not worth your time or money because they won’t stick around long enough.

Choosing a new brand to buy your favorite product is always hard. You want the best of the best, and you don’t want any surprises. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming! Why buy branded open coil products, check here.

   -Brand is not just about the product but how it makes you feel
   -Brands are able to connect with their customers by being transparent, authentic, and having a strong voice
   -Trust in brands comes when they have loyal followers who believe in what they stand for
   -A brand that has loyal followers will be more successful than one without them because of the trust factor
   -The best way to build trust is through transparency and authenticity

Holdwell 45GG10AFA 1 Pole Normally Open Double Make with shunt 40 Amp 120V Coil Definite Purpose Air Conditioner Contactor


  • 200K cycles UL testing approval for Dp contactor
  • Replace SIEMENS 45 series dp contactor 1 pole 40FLA 120V coil
  • UL,CUL CSA, SEV S+, CE Approved AC contactor.All our DP contactors series meet the ARI Standard 780/790-1997 and UL508 standard
  • Contactor Coils have class b insulation
  • Replacement parts number: 8910DP41V02, 3100-15T19, C25ANF140A, 45GG10AFA,HCCY1XT04GG, C140B, DP401201.

Replacement Earmold Earbud (Left and Right Ear) for Two Way Radio Acoustic Coil Tube Earpiece – Open Ear Insert Earmould Earbuds White, Small, Soft Silicone Material, 5 Pairs, Lsgoodcare


  • *Comfortable and Soft Silicone Earmold ,Not Hurt Your Ear: Special Ergonomic Design, Very Soft, Comfortable for Your Ear! Reduce The Tiredness of Hearing, Get This Earmold Earbud If You Have Ear Fatigue;
  • *2 WayRadio Earmold Earbud Fits Your Ear Perfectly and Easily Use : Fit Great In Your Ear and Doesn’t Fall Out All The Time, It Stays In Place Even Though You Move Your Head Around;
  • * Acoustic Tube Earmould Earbud Fit Any Brand Two-Way Radio Coil Tube Audio Earpiece Kits, Compatible with Motorola/ Kenwood Baofeng/Midlanda/Verter Radio Ect
  • *You Could Hear Clearly with This Earmold Earbud, Suitable for Working/Running/Riding/Study/Club/Security Working Ect;
  • *This Earphones pieces Are Great Gifts for People Who Wear A Earpiece for Extended Periods;

Garrett ATX 10″ x 12″ DD Open Coil Cover for ATX Metal Detector Coil 1607500


  • Hard Plastic Cover to Prevent Scuffs and Scratches

Looking to buy the open coil products from branded sellers

You want the best open coil products and you want to be sure that what you buy is from a reputable seller. You need to know whether or not this product is going to work for your needs, but most importantly, you want to feel confident about who you are buying from.

Buying from branded sellers gives you peace of mind because they have been vetted by us and we’re confident about their ability to give our customers the best bang for their buck.

One example is customer service; when customers have problems with their purchase they can contact the seller and in most cases will be able to return it or replace it. Another perk is easier shipping and returns- if there’s any problem with your order, many times these companies offer free return shipping for all purchases.

If you’re looking to buy a open coil product, it pays to know who you’re getting it from. We only work with reputable sellers that are committed to excellent customer service and quality items. You can feel confident when buying our chosen open coil products because we’ve done all the research for you!

Open Wound Heart (Shadows of Coils Mix) [feat. Cinthya Hussey]


    Baby Mod


    • Great Mods
    • Awesome Graphics

    Ensure that the store has a clear return and exchange policy

    The study also found that in some cases, customer service representatives were rude to customers when asked about their complaints. If you’re unhappy with your company’s service.

    In order to have a successful business, it is vital that the seller keep customers happy. After-sales protection is an important step in providing customer satisfaction. 

    These experiences ranged from being disappointed at how they were treated during a return to feeling ignored and forgotten following a warranty claim.

    The good news is that there are things you can do to protect yourself as a consumer, such as reading your receipt carefully and understanding what kind of protection your purchase will provide for you.

    If the item requires assembly, read all of the instructions before beginning and use only those tools recommended by the manufacturer.

    audio-technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset, Red/Gray/Black


    • Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz and Impedance – 42 ohms
    • Connector type: Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole
    • Headphones Form Factor: Full size
    • Connectivity technology Wired | Detachable

    Living Proof


      Once you’ve narrowed down your options, test out different open coil products until you find one that meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to switch up open coil products if something isn’t working for you.

      When it comes to shopping, most people want to find the best deal possible. However, sometimes finding the perfect open coil product can be tricky. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips on how to find the perfect open coil product for you.